Lisa Beritzhoff, M.A., M.F.T.

Individual Psychotherapy

At no other stage of development is there so much rapid and profound change occurring to the human body and mind than in the betwixt and between place of adolescence. The project to develop a mature, healthy adult identity is fraught with twists and turns, bumps and shake-ups. Yet, it seems that in this modern world we expect the maturation process to go a lot smoother than often is realistically possible. In our current society, for both parents and teen, there is a lot of pressure to be successful early in life, to choose a clearly defined adult path, and avoid missteps. Psychotherapy can offer the teen a safe yet adventurous place to navigate this process. It is a place where the teen can be curious about themselves, their relationships, and the choices they are making. It is also can be a place where both parent and teen can find help in working through painful and repetitive conflicts that are difficult to resolve between them. Lastly, it can provide an adolescent the opportunity to get help in negotiating a more serious emotional crisis.